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Arts Betrayal

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Arts about the betrayal of life, and how it can deeply wound us, but if we trust in God and keep up hope we can overcome. … 2,991 Views

Arts Barack Obama

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Arts about former senator and president Barack Obama, and his meetings with President-Elect Matthias Zegveld. … 2,973 Views

Arts Google

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Arts about the indirect relationship of the Jeshield Website with Google, and the strategies used for advancement. … 2,959 Views

Arts Chique

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Arts with a chic tune, atmosphere or style that will inspire you to make something with wonderful class. … 2,941 Views

Arts Matthias as President

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A series of Artworks with Matthias Zegveld as President of the United States. … 2,936 Views

Arts Relief

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Arts about the reliefs in our lives, and how we can use to as an alley to convey our anger towards our loving Father. … 2,911 Views

Arts Popular

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Mag-browse sa pamamagitan ng pagpili sa mga pinaka-popular na likhang sining ng Jeshield.